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Edlund KSUV-18 UV-C Sterilizer Cabinet

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The patented KSUV-18 Sterilizer Cabinet uses UV-C light to safely sterilize your utensils in under 4 minutes with 99% efficacy and is in many institutional kitchens across the country. With the current conditions, created by the pandemic, the sterilization power of this cabinet is being re-purposed to sterilize masks for re-use.* If your operation is currently using non-disposable masks, the KSUV-18 sterilization cabinet may be a great investment in the safety of your staff.

  • Stainless steel construction with UV filtered plexiglass door
  • Keyed, lockable handle provides added security
  • Knife/Mask holder can accommodate 12 knives plus one steel or up to 8 masks separated for complete surface coverage
  • Easy-to-operate timer should be set for at least 15 minutes for mask sterilization
  • 115 volts, standard plug
  • 19" W x 24" H x 6" D

Important Prop 65 information - California residents click here >>


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