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Cook's Direct Foodservice Equipment and Supply
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Cook’s Direct is proud to hold a Sourcewell contract for Commercial Kitchen Equipment with Related Supplies and Services. This allows you to take advantage of our rich industry expertise while quickly and easily purchasing from our comprehensive catalog that includes thousands of foodservice equipment and supplies.

Contact us today with your Sourcewell member number and general information to access your Sourcewell customer-specific pricing while shopping the site.

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Sourcewell is a government agency that makes the buying process easier and more affordable by combining the purchasing power of many agencies into a single cooperative group. Contracts are competitively solicited to satisfy the public bidding process for its education, government, and nonprofit participating agencies. By utilizing Sourcewell contracts, you can save time and money by capturing the buying power of more than 50,000 organizations.

Through Sourcewell contract 063022-COK, you can easily get the products and support you need for your foodservice operation.

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To understand your objectives and provide ideal solutions, we can perform on-site evaluations to ensure any site-specific issues are recognized early and addressed.
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Our in-house team can create detailed renderings of kitchen projects for new buildings or renovations to help determine the best configuration for your space.
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With our network of installation providers, service technicians, and local contractors throughout the country, we can deliver turn-key solutions for your projects.
Foodservice Equipment
We have all the essential equipment needed for your foodservice operation. You’ll find everything from convection ovens to ice machines at Cook’s Direct.
Kitchen Supplies
All the kitchen supplies you want to keep your foodservice operation running smoothly are here. We have what you need from food trays to cookware to baking pans.
Storage & Transport
Everything you need to receive, move and store inventory for your foodservice operation is available through Cook's Direct. It's all right here, from food storage boxes to utility carts.

Getting Started

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Contract #063022-COK
Foodservice Equipment, Smallwares and Supplies Foodservice equipment, kitchen supplies, food storage supplies, meal serving supplies, meal delivery equipment, cooking equipment, warewashing equipment, food preparation equipment, refrigerators & freezers, correctional kitchen supplies
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Customer Service

Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about quotes, orders, or our Sourcewell contract. Call (800) 956-5571 or email us here.

Teri Teclaw
(contract administration)

Brenda Dieter
(orders, order inquiries, warranty information)

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