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Cleveland SGL30T1 Gas 30 Gallon Tilt Skillet

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The Cleveland SGL30T1 Gas 30 Gallon Tilt Skillet is a powerful and versatile cooking appliance that is perfect for any commercial kitchen. With a 30-gallon capacity, this tilt skillet is ideal for sautéing, braising, grilling, frying, and simmering large quantities of food. This tilt skillet is powered by gas and features a stainless steel construction that is built to withstand heavy use and resist corrosion. The pan's interior is also made of stainless steel, with a polished surface that resists sticking and makes cleaning a breeze. The pan's coved corners also make it easy to stir and scrape, ensuring that your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. The Cleveland SGL30T1 Gas 30 Gallon Tilt Skillet is designed for easy use, with a convenient tilt mechanism that allows you to pour out liquids and easily clean the pan. The pan's heavy-duty, spring-assisted cover helps to reduce heat loss and keep your food hot and fresh. In addition to its efficient and reliable performance, the Cleveland SGL30T1 Gas 30 Gallon Tilt Skillet is also safe to use. The pan features a high-limit thermostat that prevents overheating and a low-water safety control that prevents the pan from operating when the water level is too low. The pan also features a built-in grease drawer that collects excess grease, making it easy to dispose of and reducing the risk of fires. Whether you're cooking for a busy restaurant, cafeteria, or catering business, the Cleveland SGL30T1 Gas 30 Gallon Tilt Skillet is a must-have cooking appliance. Its durable construction, easy-to-use features, and safety controls make it a reliable and efficient tool that will help you achieve consistent and delicious results every time.

The Cleveland SGL-30-T1 Gas Tilting Skillet-PowerPan Series has a capacity of 30 gallons / 115 Liters. It has Exclusive Ultra Efficient Power Burner (Forced-Air) Gas Combustion System with Automatic Ignition. Exclusive Dual Power Settings: 90,000 and 125,000 BTU for 30 gallons, 160,000 BTU and 200,000 BTU for 40 gallons provides superior heat-up and recovery. Open base design for easy cleaning and maintenance. 5/8" Stainless Steel Bead Blasted cooking surface prevents warping and keeps food from sticking. Durable 12 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel pan construction. 5/8 (16mm) mild steel clad bottom plus a 1/16 (1.6mm). Stainless Steel plate for even temperature distribution. Low 35" rim height for easy operation and cleaning. Splash Proof Controls and construction. Supplied with Cord & Plug for 115-volt controls. Easy-to-turn manual hand tilt with enclosed permanently lubricated gearbox. Optional power tilt with manual override available. Gallon/Liter Markings and Vented Spring Assist Cover standard. Available with Optional 2" Tangent Draw-Off Valve. 10° Cooking Feature. Tilt unit up to 10° without the power being turned off. Adjustable, Electronic Thermostat accurately controls temperature from 100° to 450° F. Electronic "Spark Ignition System Standard". Spring-Assist Cover with full width handle and vent.The Options & Accessories include Power Tilt with Manual Override (PT2); 2" (50 mm) Tangent Draw-Off Valve (TD2SK); Double or Single Pantry Faucet (SPS14, DPS14),includes Faucet Mounting Bracket; Faucet Bracket (FBKT1); Pan Carriers (PCS), not available on 30 gallon models with a Tangent Draw-Off Valve; Vegetable Steamer Baskets (VS); Hot & Cold Water Pre-Rinse Spray Head with Hose (PRS-S); Poaching Pans (PP); Interchangeable Voltages (VOSK-4, 240 Volts, 50 Hz, 1 phase); Protective Control Cover (CP-PCB-T1); and Casters, 2 swivel, 2 locking (CST1).The #1 innovative steam cooking solution! A favorite with chefs and cooks!Did You Know? The worlds largest functional frying pan - 15 feet in diameter - adorns the Rose Hill (pop. 1,330) town square and can fry 365 chickens at once during poultry festivals. (First appeared: 1/16/2005 in American Profile magazine) SPECIFICATIONSRight of design improvement or modification, as warranted, is reserved.PRODUCT: Cleveland Gas Tilting Skillet-PowerPan SeriesMODEL NO.: SGL-30-T1OVERALL DIMENSIONS ( L x W x H ): 41"(1042mm) x 39-1/8"(994mm) x 39"(991mm)Rim Height: 35"CAPACITY: 960 servings (4 oz. serving size)ELECTRICAL SUPPLY:Volts: 120Phase: 1Amps: 10Freq: 60 HZGAS SUPPLY (Piping 3/4" NPT):Type: Natural Gas (NAT) or Propane (LP)Water Column: 3.5 (NAT), 10 (LP)BTU per CU. FT.: 1025 (NAT), 2500 (LP)Supply Pressure: 5" W.C. MIN (NAT), 11" W.C. MIN (LP)BTU Ratings: 125,000 per hourCLEARANCE:RIGHT: 3" (77mm)LEFT: 0"REAR: 0" (non-combustible wall); 3-1/2" (89mm) (combustible wall)APPROX. SHIPPING WEIGHT: 520 LBS.(235 KG.)RECOMMENDED FLOOR SLOPE: 1" (26mm) in 4' (1220mm)FLOOR DRAIN: Minimum: 4" (102mm); Recommended: 6" (153mm)PIPE DRAIN RECOMMENDED: Minimum Valve Size Plus 1" (26mm)FOR OPTIONAL 2" TD VALVE: Increase Floor Drain Grate Size To 24" x 20" (610mm x 508mm)APPROVALS: AGA, CGA, NSF

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