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Cook's Direct Foodservice Equipment and Supply

Careers at Cook’s Direct

As a leading institutional foodservice equipment and supply dealer, Cook’s Direct is a perfect environment for individuals who want to be part of a growing company. We believe strongly in our core values and their importance in creating a culture where everyone contributes to the overall success of the company.

Our Core Values

We Really Care

We care about each other, our work, and the company. We are passionate about what we do and our role on the team. We own it.

We Are Customer Focused

We inherently know that we exist because of the customer. We always try to do the right thing for the customer. We never forget this.

We Figure It Out

We think creatively, innovatively to seek the best answer for the customer or company. We own the problem and solution and always try to do what’s right.

We Get A Lot Done

We never stop pedaling. We work hard and smart, which results in great achievements. We are proud of what we accomplish.

We Enjoy Our Work

We are positive and upbeat about what we do. Our enthusiasm for our work, our team, and our customers creates an environment where people can be their best.

Why Work With Us

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Employees who are interested in pursuing a degree program while at Cook’s can participate in our continuing education program that offers financial support, specific goals apply.
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Employee Perks
Cook’s has a number of different perks available to employees. This includes buying kitchen equipment and supplies at company cost, receiving gift cards for spot awards, complimentary massages, 401k matching program, and our company performance bonus program.
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Paid Time-Off
All full time employees receive vacation, sick and personal time off to support maintaining a realistic work/life balance.
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Paid Holidays
Holidays and family time are important to all of us at Cook’s and our employees all have paid holidays each year.
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Fun Company Events
From our summer bags tournament to our company wide ping-pong tournament, chili cook-off, employee pot-lucks, food truck visits and more.
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Hybrid Work Environment
Office employees work in the office Tuesday through Thursday. On Mondays and Fridays, we work from home where we use Teams and Zoom to stay connected.

Open Opportunities

Warehouse Associate
(Posted 02/02/24) See more information and apply today.

Additional Employment Opportunities
Check out the opportunities here >>
Warrenville, Il

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